Collection of Religious Books

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The Holy Bible: PDFdownloads
Holy Bible(King James Version)
Holy Bible(New International Version)
Holy Bible, Today's New International Version( TNIV)

Gospels: PDFdownloads
The Gospel of LUKE
The Gospel of Matthew
The Gospel of Mark
The Gospel of John


The Holy Quran:
Assaan Quran (Online Urdu Translation)
Urdu translation by Hafiz Nazar Ahmad (PDF download)
Tafheem ul Quran (Online in Urdu)
Tafheem ul Quran (Online in English)
Irfan-ul-Quran (Online English Translation)

Ahadith Books with English Translation-(PDF downloads):
Sahih Al-Bukhari (9 Vol. Set)
Sahih Muslim (7 Vol. Set)
Sunan Abu Dawood (5 Vol. Set)
Sunan An-Nasa’i (6 Vol. Set)
Sunan Ibn Majah (5 Vol. Set)
Jami’ At-Tirmidhi (6 Vol. Set)